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About us


Hands on Teaching is a literacy programme designed for both parents and educators. It teaches learners who have difficulties acquiring literacy skills, including those with dyslexia, to read, write, and spell.

Overview Of Topics Covered in the 10 Levels of The Hands On Teaching Programme


Examples of worksheets, activities & games covered in Levels 1-10 of The H.O.T. Programme

  • The aim of the Hand On Teaching Programme is to develop confidence and self esteem of the student through the use of specialised worksheets, activities and games.
  • The H.O.T. Programme is flexible and caters for all the different needs of the students teaching them to read and spell whilst remediating their difficulties.
  • There are 10 Levels with each level divided into up to 12 topics which cover the key sounds, spelling patterns and rules.
  • There is a Choose A Level and a collection of Spelling Tests on the website to help guide the teacher/parent helping the student towards the appropriate Level of The Hands On Teaching Programme.
  • The resources come in the form of worksheets, activities and games. There is extensive material available which allows the teacher/parent to pick resources that best suit their students way of learning.
  • The teacher/parent works with the student, but where appropriate, may also encourage independent learning.
  • The materials have been designed to develop the skills required to learn to read and spell. They are creative, colourful and structured to allow progression. The Programme does not presume anything is known until it is taught.
  • The Hands On Teaching Programme is presented in three different formats. These three different formats are available to buy on the website.

Spelling Assessment & Evaluation Process

  • To start – Choose a Level directs you to a set of spellings for each level. This will help the teacher/parent decide the appropriate level for the student to begin the Hands On Teaching programme.
  • There are two spelling tests for each level. One very short to ascertain quickly if you have chosen the appropriate level to begin the H.O.T. programme.
  • Having decided on the correct level, there is a long spelling test which highlights the specific areas that need help and remediation within the level.
  • At the end of each of the 10 levels, there is a spelling evaluation. This will show the progress that has been made and the areas, if any, that need further reinforcement within that level.
  • On completion of Level 10, there is a final end-of-programme spelling evaluation. This reviews all spellings that have been taught and will highlight any areas that need further reinforcement.

H.O.T. School Package

The School Package is made up of key teaching booklets. It can be purchased as individual levels or the whole H.O.T. Programme Levels 1-10 for a discounted price.

  • Core Teaching Booklet: Consists of one for each Level of structured multisensory worksheets & activities. The materials are creative and teach the rules associated with the spelling pattern.
  • Games Booklet: Consists of one or more games for each of the topics in that Level. The aim is to learn and reinforce each individual spelling pattern in a fun, clear and creative way.
  • Strategy & Review Booklet: Consists of spelling tests for all the topics covered in the Level and then spelling strategy templates to help with the words still causing difficulty.
  • Sound and Reading Booklet Levels 1-10: Consists of check lists for developing knowledge of sounds covered in Level 1—10 and reading activities for all words in Levels 1-10.
  • Assessment Booklet: Consists of H.O.T. Spelling Order, Spelling Tests, Spelling Evaluations, End of Levels Certificates and End of Programme Certificate for all levels in the Hands On Teaching Programme.
  • Printing: The resources may be copied within the school premises only. The material may be used within the school premises and as homework. Members of staff may not use the material for any form of home tutoring or teaching outside of the school premises.
  • Delivery: On receipt of payment the materials purchased will be available to download directly from the website.

H.O.T. Special Needs Worksheets and Games

  • Worksheets: The worksheets are creative, structured and cover all the different skills needed to learn to read and spell. There is an extensive range of materials so that the teacher can choose the worksheets most appropriate for their student. Alternatively the student can work methodically through the whole of the topic Booklet for those requiring a step by step approach with plenty of reinforcement. The Booklets are ideal for homework where parents and students can work together to develop reading and spelling skills.
  • Activities: The activities are designed to make the student actively involved in learning a particular sound pattern. They are designed to help the student discriminate between certain sound patterns such as “wa” sounding /wo/, “war” sounding /wor/ and “wor” sounding /wer/.
  • Games: Consists of one game or more for all the topics in the Level. The aim is to reinforce a spelling pattern in a fun and creative way.
  • Printing: The individual worksheets, activities and games may only be used by the purchaser for their own teaching. They may not lend or copy the resources for the use of any other person. The materials may not be electronically copied or sent via internet for others to use.
  • Delivery: On receipt of payment of the materials purchased the materials will be available to download directly from the website.

H.O.T. Programme Completion

  • Completion of the programme is when all 10 levels have been studied and reviewed.
  • The final spelling evaluation will highlight any particular areas across the programme that might still be causing problems and will encourage students to revisit specific topics and reinforce their learning.
  • On completion of the programme a certificate is available and the student should have mastered reading, spelling, study skills & memory strategies for use with all aspects of learning