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"The games and activities included in "Hands on Teaching " are clever, fun, affordable and very different from anything else that is available. My pupils really enjoy playing the games as they are so simple but effective."
Julie E. Hancock
Private Dyslexia Tutor, North Staffs.

"This comprehensive, colourful programme offers everything: phonics, tracking, kinaesthetic work, visual work and games as a one stop package. No need to rummage around looking in different spelling books for a particular phoneme worksheet – it’s all here. The variety of exercises allows you to pick and choose which best suit your students’ needs."
H. Sharples
Learning Support Coordinator, Croydon High School for Girls

"Hands On Teaching helped Claire to find new ways to access her learning. Each part of the Programme builds a constructive framework of knowledge to help the dyslexic child. The excellent graphic resources are child friendly with linked activities and games making learning fun for both child and supporting adult. The whole family can get involved! (Ours did). Hands On Teaching has given Claire the confidence to learn. She now has a store cupboard of strategies to use which have ultimately constituted to positive learning experiences through school and outside it."
Sue Bradshaw-Smith
Parent, Teaching Assistant & Learning Support Assistant

"As a special needs teacher, I find Hands On Teaching a very comprehensive and easy to use Programme. My pupils love the fun, colourful, multisensory worksheets and activities. Altogether an excellent Programme."
Caroline Gale
Special Needs Teacher, Parkside School, Cobham, Surrey

"Hands On Teaching helped me a lot by its interesting Programme and new ways of remembering the different rules of spelling."
Claire Bradshaw-Smith
Student Aged 13

"My daughter, Charlotte’s reading and spelling has been hugely helped by Miranda and the Hands On Teaching Programme. She enjoys her weekly session and looks forward to them. The Programme is well designed, the exercises are well explained and easy to follow. I am sure Charlotte would not have made the progress she has without the help of Miranda and the Hands On Teaching Programme."
Georgina Wills

"When I first took my son to see Mandy at Hands on Teaching he thought he was "stupid", he was very low on confidence and was reluctant to read. He came out of his first session full of smiles and told me "It's alright that I struggle with spelling, Mandy is showing me how to do it and she's got really cool coloured pens to help too" He is now on his second Hands On Teaching booklet produced by Mandy and has learnt to break words down and use her methods in the class room too. He is now a much more confident 9 year old who no longer sees his spelling difficulty as a barrier to learning. Mandy has a lovely relaxed manner with children and I have since recommended her to others."
Suzanne Roberts
Modern Foreign Language Teacher, BA(Hons) PGCE

"I think that Hands On Teaching and Mrs Swift makes learning fun because the Programme includes games that help you learn.
The Programme has helped me to improve my learning because together with the support of Mrs Swift it has strategies to help me learn more.
Louise Harrington
Student Age 11

"Mrs Swift is supportive and reassuring when I have concerns about my daughters levels of achievements at school.
Mrs Swift gives me ideas and resources through the use of The Hands On Teaching Programme to guide my daughter’s learning.
Liz Harrington


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